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“When you need solutions that
safeguard the environment and protect,
your health, you can count on us

Over the years, Vermeister has become aware of the need to protect the environment. The company has been involved in extensive research and development work for many years, in the aim of formulating products that can combine maximum performance on a professional level together with respect for the environment, paying particular attention to the needs of those using the products and those who have to live with them; these innovative solutions are the fruit of considerable investments, that today have enabled Vermeister to become an authority and a reference point in the world of wood floors.

The Vermeister R & D laboratories are constantly searching for solutions that are eco-compatible, both with regard to their formulation and to their production. The commitment we have made towards reducing our impact on the environment is also reflected in the different phases of the production cycle and product distribution, from the choice of raw materials to the manufacture, from the transportation to the recovery and disposal systems.

In the aim of achieving total environmental sustainability, at Vermeister we try to convey this philosophy to our product users, who in their turn wish to be recognized for their caring attitude towards ecology as well as their attention towards the health and safety of their customers: the end users. Today, Vermeister is a Brand Leader in the market of products for wooden flooring. The continuous technological research, the in-depth studies into innovations in the sector and the visibility of the Brand are the keys to the company’s success and position of leadership on the market.

Vermeister is now present in over 40 countries throughout the world.